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Christmas Lights

Paula Blume, Sam West & Gloria Malleck.

Sue Cornwell, Cliff Lord, Lynda Baumbach turning on the lights!

I think it was back in the 1970’s that Sam West wrote to the Fantasy Show that was on TV at that time and told them how the Indianola Mrs. XJC’s had been trying to raise money for new Christmas lights. The show gave Indianola all new Christmas lights and filmed it for the show. Below are a couple pictures with Sam West holding a cake.



XJC's on the ladder

2 Responses to “Christmas Lights”

  1. Tom Hanson says:

    RE: Christmas Lights.

    I remember sitting in the Grade School watching the Fantasy show. Before the Indianola representives came on they showed “The Band is on the Field” Cal – Stanford five lateral play (11/20/1982). Then they showed Indianola and we received the new lights.


  2. Ken Dow says:

    I remember the Production Crew from KNOP out of North Platte coming down and shooting the production for the show and I do have a copy of it. Indianola got a taste of how these productions are produced. I remember several times the director would have Cliff start over on the speech to get the various shots for later post production.