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New School Pictures

1954 Indianola class

1954 Indianola class

Tom Stritt is the tall boy in the back with Bob Duckworth to his right. Can you name the rest?

Bk row: Lonnie Malleck, Leroy Davis, ?, Tom Stritt, Bob Duckworth, Nick Uerling, Terry Blackman.
Middle: ?, ?, ?, Linda Madden, ?, Clue Sahm.
First: ?, Pauline Blume, ?, Nancy Davidson, ?, Nancy Hedges, Redpath.

1961 Indianola Jr. High Basketball Team

1961 Indianola Jr. High Basketball Team

Above left to right is Terry Malleck, Dave Davidson, Bob Blackman, Don Emmerson, Bob Foster, Bill Baumbach, Hezy Brasheirs, Dick Junker, James Blume and Bob Clement.


One Response to “New School Pictures”

  1. Peggy Davis-Harden says:

    Class Picture of 1954, Second boy on back row in dark colored zip up jacket is LeRoy Davis.