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Alan Lambert Pics

God Bless America

E.G. Caine Store Indianola only picture

Inside of the E.G. Canine store

The only picture of Indianola Flour Mill. 1908

WW1 Red Willow Co. Soldiers

Lillian, Oscar, Harriet Crabtree

C. Goben and Andy Lambert family, north of Indianola.

Henry Crabtree, well known first settler

Henry's wife Daphney Crabtree

Old Charles Goben home soon to be torn down in Indianola.

Calvin or George Burt, drayman service in Indianola.

C.D. Cramer house N. of Indianola

Andrew Goddard family. Wife Lulu Shaw sister to J.S. Shaw.

Anderson Soddy North of Indianola

Alan and his family have been awesome at sharing their old photos with us and you. The pictures are scattered around on different pages. Alan has sent some new ones that will soon be shown on this page. Thanks Alan.

Thank you Alan for sending this to us. Elbert Crabtree, was the younger brother of Alans great great grandmother, Lenore (Crabtree) Gobenwho is buried in the Indianola cemetery. The picture was taken of Elbert in his uniform prior to leaving San Francisco to fight Phillipines during Spanish American War. June 1898. Alan and his family have sent us numerous old pictures.

Elbert Crabtree

Elbert Crabtree


Goben family

Goben family

These are Alan’s other Great Great Grandpaents.

One Response to “Alan Lambert Pics”

  1. Alan Lambert says:

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks you very much for posting the information on Elbert Crabtree I sent you. So happy you are keeping the history of Indianola alive. Just a couple of revisions I need to make. Elbert (Bert) Crabtree was the younger brother of my great great grandmother, Lenore (Crabtree) Goben who was married to Charles M. Goben, the couple shown on this page. Elbert died as a result of the Spanish/American war and never married nor had children. Elbert, Charles and Lenore Goben, Lenore and Elbert’s parents, Henry and Daphne Crabtree, 7 of the 11 Crabtree children and both Goben daughters, Maude and Mable (Goben) Lambert ( my great grandmother) are all buried in the Indianola “cemetery. Just thought I’d clarify that. Thanks again, Alan