Indianola NE Historical Society

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My Thoughts

GOD Bless America

It’s funny how one becomes attached to history. I guess you don’t realize it until one day when you are starting to become part of that history. I grew up in Indianola but never wanted to live here after graduating. Fate brought me back when my farmer dad had back surgery and ask me to come back one summer and help him. At the end of the summer he ask me if I would like to try farming and since I had met my old girl friend I thought yes I’ll try it for a year or two. Well I married my old girl friend, had three wonderful children and tried farming for 30+ years and I’m still here.
I have tons of memories from Indianola growing up. The old timers and the old buildings. I have seen both disappear over the years and it saddens me when I think of those things. I guess buildings are like people. As they grow older they began to weather and their frames begin to deteriorate. In the last few years Indianola has lost many old timers and lots and lots of buildings. I have seen them both come down and be buried. But as always the memories will stay with me for ever. When I am old, I am going to be somewhere in between my past and my future, my memories and my dreams, my disappointments and my accomplishments. I do not regret growing older. It is a privilege that some of my friends never got. Remember never lose sight of the fact that old age needs so little but needs that little so much.


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