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1912 Investigation Report

then click on

I.C.C. Historical Railroad Investigation Reports (1911-1994)

Then “1911″

Then the ” Chicago and Burlington…… link (7th one from the top)….

If you are not able to click on the link above type the above in your browser to read an investigation of the train wreck done by the Interstate Commerce Commission on October 18, 1912.

I have a 22 minute Documentary DVD that is full of pictures and actual newpaper clippings from the 1911 train wreck. Also the obituaries of those killed, pictures of their graves all with background music. There is a picture of the only known artifact from the train wreck. Send $15.00 along with your address to me at
Bill Baumbach
506 S. Main St.
Indianola, NE. 69034

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  1. Tom Clark says:

    I am writing an article about the 1911 disaster and I need a copy of the Oct 18, 1912 report. The website link doesn’t work when pasted. Can you provide me with an updated link. I will give creit to the Indianola Hsitorical Society when the article is published in the McCook Gazette in May. Thanks