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Little girl looks like Carol Stritt Blackman

Grandma Blume in the park

Known by most as Father Berry

Squeek Sahm's Garage

Remember the old pool hall on the corner. Where the bank is now.

Indianola Boy Scouts @ the Indian Grave late 1950's to 1960

Indianola Girl Scouts late 1950' to 1960

Joe Rieter and kids in Indianola

1910 newspaper aticle. WOW saw it in 1858!

Rita Walz in front of district 7 school

Young Stothard in front of the hotel.

Cool Old Settlers Pic from Peggy Davis-Harden

Republican Valley Class.


Indianola Baseball Team. Name them..

1972-73 Bartley Boys.

This is Helen Hedges and Jane Duckworth

Young Stothard and wife, left.

McCook 1899

Ted & Bell Barnes

Joy Dow

Myrtle, John & Henry Savage. Thanks Bill Savage

Henry Savage and Ernest Kennedy are in this picture. See the Cosgro in the back?

Mr and Mrs James Cosgrow

McCook Commercial Hotel

Old Soddy Near Bartley Nebraska

McCook City Park 1900

Down town Bartley 1907

Bradley and Susan Gletner Duckworth.

Bartley train depot.

John Stothard in 1921 in front of the old school.

Betty Quigley provided the next 2 pictures. There were 4 or 5 cabins along the highway in the 1930/40s along with an office where people could live or stay like a motel. It was ran by Merle Colling.

Cabins in Indianola

Betty Quigley Davidson and Evelyn McBride Winters in 1940 showing off their prom dresses.

Bob Emrich & Marion Houghtelling

One Response to “A UPDATE PAGES”

  1. Mike Sahm says:

    Great pictures of Dad in front of his garage and of the wrecker (tow truck) he built–the wrecker is now owned by Murry and Liz (Sahm) Weiss. Why we always referred to it as the wrecker I do not recall.

    The photo of the boy scouts at the Indian Grave–Charlotte (Munsey) Buckles Sahm is the second adult going l to r, believe that is Clu Sahm in front of her, Fred Sahm blocking a clear shot of Clu, and Robert Sahm to the far right in a plaid shirt.

    And the rest of the photos are great, particularly the one of Father Berry.

    Are the cabins pictured the ones that were put together to create the Saladen, Wayne, Tipton, Randolph house? (Those are the families I recall li ving in the house–the house just south of the Carmichael home.

    Keep up the great work!