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Rocket Inn

You need to start at the bottom and work up on this page.

And then along came Carol and Dave. Need a picture of them!

Yep, Sue and crazy George. I used to call him G O

Then along came George & Sue Cornwell

Then along came Bob & Millie Buschkoetter

Fiorella started the pizza

Then along came Bob & Fiorella Blume

Recognize the sign on the corner?

Rocket owners John & Dorothy Kometscher

Rocket Inn 1950's

One Response to “Rocket Inn”

  1. Chris Teel says:

    Great pictures. When I visited my grandparents, Warren and Lucille Teel, the Rocket was my favorite place to go. I think I have some pictures of “G.O.” with my Dad, Richard Teel, during a pheasant hunting trip, I’ll try to track them down.

    Don’t know which owner it was, but I remember as a kid, somebody rang me up a bunch of free games on a pinball machine to keep me busy so they could talk to my Dad without interruption.

    Thanks for the memories,

    Chris Teel, Springfield, MO