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Jimmy Sughroue

Indianola was blessed beyond measure through the life of Jimmy Sughroue. It is with great sorrow that I write this tribute to him. Jimmy died in a car accident last Friday night July 1, 2011 at the age of 46. Every person you meet and get to know is a special creation of God. As you get to know them, you are changed to some degree as you hear their life-story and are affected by their personality, that was Jimmy. He possessed an exquisite sense of humor. Much of his humor was lived out behind closed doors and in confidence. He imitated his Grandma Sughroue often, and described her with fond humor. Jimmy loved the older people and the time they lived in. He would come to the Indianola Historical Society meetings and tell us a story about her or something she said and laugh, which was of course contagious. And his jokes.
Each time you interact with a person your life is altered in some way. There are just a few individuals in your entire life that leave a profound impact on you. There are people who grab your heart instantly and that was Jimmy. His knowledge of the history of Indianola and this area no one will ever be able to match. He mastered the art of story-telling. He stirred a story until you felt you must have also been there when the story unfolded. He loved his family so much and was very proud of his wife and children. His children were always mentioned when you talked to him and he would do anything for them. All of us who are members of the Historical Society became a friend and colleague of Jimmy‚Äôs. We shared life’s journey of preserving and collecting the history of Red Willow County. Most of all, we are deeply thankful to the God that created him and gave him the type of life he led. We pray that God opens his heavenly gates to receive this servant of his people and that Jimmy gets to set with Grandma Sughroue once again and listen to her stories. God bless you Jimmy.
Bill Baumbach

GOD Bless America

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